The SEAYOS Pro enhances the functionalities offered by the SEAYOS Tek HD thanks to the integration of a radio transmission-reception device enabling it to communicate with a tracking station that remains on the surface.
This monitoring station may be just another Seayos PRO in the simplest cases, or a dedicated station SEAYOS Monitor in more demanding configurations.
Each time satellites signals are found (when the diver wants to know their position), the diver's Seayos PRO sends a short data packet containing position, depth and a possible message (from a predetermined list) to the monitoring station. The latter responds by transmitting in turn its position and a possible message (also from a predetermined list).

If the diver goes into tracking mode, this switch is directly reflected on the monitoring station which then graphically displays the diver's evolution in real time. In this mode as well, messages can be exchanged between diver and surface/boat, with audible signal when a distress message is received and switch to interactive guiding mode allowing to get to the diver in difficulty as quickly as possible.
For more information on the features of the SEAYOS Tek HD, visit the pages positioning, cartography and communication.

Features of the SEAYOS Pro :

- Outer dimensions: 152 x 143 x 60 mm
- Weight in air: 740 g
- Positive buoyancy
- Maximum depth: 80 m
- Positioning: absolute (WGS 84)
- Constellations: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS et Beidou
- Radio frequency band used: 866 MHz, with data security protocol
- Integrated compass
- Depth gauge
- Battery capacity: 5h
- Charge and data transfer by USB cable
- PC interface: Windows only
- Number of recordable positions: 25 per dive
- Number of recordable dives: >100
- Recording periods available in tracking mode: 10s, 30s, 1min, 5min
- Software languages: FR, ENG, ESP
- Fully customisable (range of 15 colours)
- Comes with a 270g raft for temporary increase in buoyancy (surveys at great depth, tracking in challenging conditions)
- Delivered in a technical case

- Outer dimensions: 101 x 92 x 73 mm
- Weight in air: 270 g
- High-strength single-strand nylon rope
- Length of rope: 60 m

Main functionalities:

- Recording of of three-dimensional positions (geodetic coordinates and depth)
- Guiding function
- Dive log
- Favourites creation and import/ export of .kml, .gpx and .txt files
- Automatic transfer of collected data to Google Earth
- Creation of map backgrounds
- Annotation of points
- Multi-point guiding mode
- Continuous recording of tracks (at the surface while the diver is underwater)
- Communication with another SEAYOS Pro remaining on the surface (exchange of three-dimensional positions and pre-defined messages), or with a SEAYOS Monitor
- Monitoring from the surface the evolution of a diver equipped with a SEAYOS Pro


Each SEAYOS Pro comes in a technical case, with its spool, its USB cable and 1(or 2) raft(s).
To configure your SEAYOS Pro and get a quote, go to page: get equipped