Diver-surface communication

The SEAYOS Pro and SEAYOS Monitor allow divers and surface observers (on shore or in a boat) to communicate. They enable:
- data transfer,
- exchange of messages,
- real-time monitoring of a "tracking",
- sending the updated position of the boat to the diver,
- and guiding the boat towards the diver (and vice versa).

Monitor the divers evolution

Each time satellites signals are found (when the diver wants to know their position), the diver's Seayos PRO sends a short data packet containing position, depth and a possible message(from a predetermined list) to the monitoring station (which can be another SEAYOS Pro, or a dedicated monitoring station SEAYOS Monitor - see page "The range"). A surface observer (whether on land or at sea) can follow the progress of one or more groups of divers, and know where they are and how far away they are. The tracking station graphically displays the positions received on an orientated map.
In addition, the switch of the diver's SEAYOS Pro to "tracking" mode is directly reflected on the monitoring station which then graphically displays the diver's evolution in real time. As on the diver's SEAYOS, the display can use a map background.


Exchange of messages

Radio communication between SEAYOS (Pro and Monitor models) allows predefined messages to be sent and received. There are many applications, including:
- In the case of underwater searches: information on the state of progress ("found"),
- In the event of a problem or emergency: for example, the diver can send an SOS to the surface, or the surface can request the diver to end the dive.
If a distress message is received, an audible signal is emitted. Messages can also be exchanged in "tracking" mode.



1) Towards the diver: if a distress message is received, an audible signal is emitted by the moniroting station which allows to switch to interactive guiding to get closer to the diver in difficulty as quickly as possible.
2) Towards the boat: each time data is received from a SEAYOS Pro, the monitoring station in turn transmits its position (and a message if necessary). This allows the diver to be guided towards the boat, particularly during drift dives.


Centralising data from several divers

The SEAYOS Monitor can be used to centralise data (position, depth, messages) from several groups of divers. It communicates both with the divers' SEAYOS Pro and with a tablet (or a computer) offering the surface observer a global interactive display and an exchange of individualised messages.