Welcome to the SEAYOS factory!

The SEAYOS is made to measure and customised in our workshop in France. In particular, you can choose the colour of each of the components of your SEAYOS. Our wide range of colours lets you configure unique SEAYOS, which can be very useful for identifying your divers from the surface.
If you have any specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us!

Configure your SEAYOS from one of our 3 models specifically deisgned for professional divers : SEAYOS Tek HD, SEAYOS Pro and SEAYOS Monitor.
More info about our range: Here

For a better user experience, we recommend that you configure your SEAYOS on a computer and not on a mobile phone.

A 100% repairable product
Thanks to its modular design, SEAYOS is fully dismountable (by SEAYOS technicians!) and all its components can be replaced. SEAYOS is built to last for many dives!

An upgradable product
100% repairable, SEAYOS is also upgradable ! By means of a return to our workshop, and a small intervention, your SEAYOS Tek HD can be upgraded into a SEAYOS Pro.

A few examples of our work: