The SEAYOS Monitor extends the concept of data transfer and communication between diver and observer on the surface to several divers. This means you can centralise positioning data from several divers and communicate with them.

It comprises a transceiver unit (typically installed on the boat) communicating with the divers' SEAYOS Pro and with a tablet (or a computer) enabling the surface observer to have a global interactive display and an exchange of individualised messages. It also gives divers up-to-date information on the boat's position (particularly useful for drift dives).

Note that the SEAYOS Monitor cannot operate independently of one or more SEAYOS Pro units and a tablet (or a computer).

Features of the SEAYOS Monitor

- Radio frequency band used: 866 MHz, with data security protocol
- SEAYOS Monitor - tablet communication: Bluetooth
- Positioning: absolute (WGS 84)
- Constellations: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and Beidou
- Integrated compass
- Charge by USB cable

Main functionalities

- Centralised and secure communication between divers and the surface (transmission of acquired data, exchange of messages)
- Recording of of three-dimensional positions (geodetic coordinates and depth)
- Map backgrounds management
- Guiding function towards a diver
- Dive log
- Favourites creation and import/ export of .kml, .gpx and .txt files
- Automatic transfer of collected data to Google Earth
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